My Second Interview with Kevin Barrett

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Issatsu

kevin barret interview



Barrett, why do you not publish my response to Syed here?


i published one, which is perhaps more than you deserve

i’ve spoken to you, and you come off as all ego, no concern for 9/11 truth in itself

what you’re doing here is being a troll

go away

That’s it. I realize it’s kind of short. But seriously, here’s my unpublished response to Syed there:

911ARTISTS TO ADAMSYED (unpublished by Barrett):

Again you don’t argue fairly. You continue to hurl personal insults at me. My post here is perfectly on topic. Arguing is not trolling. That’s just a form of name calling. Arguing is not being a whining two year old. That’s just another form of name calling. As for your hit piece, stringing someone’s words together from various emails combined with an untrue story and obscene personal insults is not a valid thread, OP, article, or argument. It’s a disgusting, low, and criminal from a lie called a spinning of a yarn. It’s defamation. It’s a breaking of confidence. You’re a dishonorable and dangerous person, Syed. You belong to a gang of internet bullies. What you’re doing individually and collectively is very wrong, very dangerous, and very serious business. I guarantee you my best effort at exposing what you’re doing.

And here’s my unpublished response to Barrett there:

911ARTISTS TO KEVIN BARRETT (unpublished by Barrett):

Well, since you did most of the talking in our one public audio exchange, the ego you’re noticing might be your own, sir. Like most truthers you shut down people who you believe oppose your agenda and make up lame excuses to do so. As I said to Syed, arguing is not trolling. That’s just a form of name calling and the language of a bully. You, Syed, McKee and others in your gang act in a similar fashion. You’re in a group mind. You’re in a gang. I gave you the chance to fight for yourself fairly when you asked me to, but you do not return that simple act of common decency and fairness in broadcasting.

I think David Ray Griffin is the leader of an internet cult. I think you’re in business with him. You call your effort “Truth Jihad”, but I see clearly now that your struggle is with the Greater Jihad, Dr. Barrett.


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